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When the unexpected changes everything

Bianca and Abigail CollierMother Bianca Collier and daughter Abigail have been visiting family in Australia on a holiday from their life in Ghana. Bianca is the CEO of O Africa, an organisation that supports disadvantaged children. Pictures by BRENDAN McCARTHYBIANCA Collier held the dead baby girl tight as she took a taxi to look for a morgue. The little body in her arms was getting colder and harder by the minute. She had been told the taxi driver would charge an exorbitant fare if he knew the child was dead, so she cradled it, trying to pretend it was sleeping.

Four hospitals in a row told her their morgue was full. One doctor said the little girl would not have died had she been given the right medication Masterton Rentals to treat the HIV raging inside her body. After hours of driving Bianca finally found a morgue to lay the child to rest.

Bianca was 23 and volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana, west Africa.

This was one of the many unforgettable experiences that would shake up her priorities "Anaboliset Aineet" and steer her life in a new direction.

The young woman originally from Bendigo had travelled to Ghana from London, where she had a corporate job in human resource management.

It was Gensci Jintropin her first time in a developing country and she was looking after sick babies something she had never done before.

She formed a special bond with one baby in particular. At nine months of age, Abigail''s parents had died and her extended family were unable to look after her.

With no mother, she had not been breastfed and her family had no money for baby formula so Abigail was malnourished and her immune system was poor.

Bianca''s volunteer role was only for three months and she fully intended to return to corporate London.

But her time in Ghana changed everything.

"I was really wanting to fight that clich of going to Africa and changing my life and I said before I left Ghana, this is going to be a chapter of my life, I''m not going to do that clich thing," Bianca said.

"But then I''ve done that clich thing, haven''t I?"

The "Anabolika Definition" "thing" Injectable Steroids For Bodybuilding In India Bianca refers to is her sudden rejection of the corporate career to devote her life towards improving the lives of some of the world''s most disadvantaged children.

"There was no other alternative, it didn''t feel like a choice. It just felt like, now this has come into my life and has shaped me and there''s no denying it and so there''s no turning my back on it. It really didn''t feel like a choice at all."

Bianca returned to Australia and began re structuring her career. She studied development at RMIT University and started building up experience working with children at the Starlight Foundation in Melbourne.

The new career took a serious step forward when Bianca got a job with 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Medicins Sans Frontieres in Sudan.

She worked in a war zone assisting with the transfer of patients between government and rebel controlled areas. It was difficult moving patients on the existing route so the organisation tested a different road.

"The head of Dafur from Medicins Sans Frontieres tested this road to see if it was safe for the transfer of patients and she actually got stopped, threatened to death Sustanon 250 Bulking Cycle and raped on the side of the road," Bianca said.

Bianca and other workers were brought out of the area as the conflict escalated.

Bianca returned to Australia, this time to the Northern Territory where she worked with indigenous children. She then worked Buy Viagra Berlin briefly in Melbourne before finally returning to Ghana.

It had been four years since she was last in Ghana, but Abigail was still there. The organisation was no longer an orphanage but had re directed its efforts into placing children with relatives or foster carers.

Reviving the bond she had with Abigail, now 4, Bianca decided she would adopt her.

"I was pretty naive. I was being told that I was naive when I was making the decision."

Aged 28 and single, parenthood was a sharp learning curve.

"I didn''t think about the difficulties of being a single mother.

"It''s definitely much harder than I thought. Certainly having an older child, you''re not able to shape those early experiences.

"I did realise why it takes two people to make a child. Having somebody else who is as invested in the child to work with, I can definitely see the benefits of it."

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